About Us


Our Values

Leadership: We pride ourselves in keeping up to date, so as to provide effective coaching to all, regardless of age, race, or ability.  We want the best for all our divers, and will always do our utmost to help them realise their ambitions help them achieve their full potential.  We recognise that some children are very talented and will outgrow the coaching we can provide - in this case, we will talk over their options, and introduce them to Clubs that can take them further on the road to success.


Teamwork: Our coaches work together as a team, sharing the planning and delivery of our sessions.  We also take into account how our divers feel, and help them to have a say in their sporting pathway.  We encourage our older divers to support and motivate the younger ones, and also encourage them to think about gaining qualifications that can both extend their knowledge of the sport, and keep them involved in the running of the club.


Customer Relations: At Bury Dragons Diving Club, our highest priority is satisfied customers. You are important to us and you can expect us to go the extra mile for your children.

We have comprehensive policies and codes of conduct for all members of the Club, all based on ASA guidelines, to keep children and coaches safe within a caring and nurturing environment.  Any breaches of discipline are dealt with quickly and kindly, to return the club to its normal, happy atmosphere.