The Club usually has three training sessions each week during term time, but this may be reduced according to diver/coach availability during holiday times.  Training may be cancelled if club members are attending Competitions or training elsewhere on a Club day, although every effort will be made to keep these running if at all possible. The times below are our normal times, but the dry training time may be earlier if we are using the airtrack or trampolines. Please check TeamApp for changes.

Training Times

Thursday: 5.00 - 7.00 in pool

Friday:    5.30 - 7.00 in pool

Sunday:  3.20 dry training, 4.00 - 6.00 in pool (Start time may change - this will be notified on TeamApp)

Entry into Squads

Entry will be via Club lessons or a fast-track trial session.  Entry will usually be when divers have completed ASA Diving Award 4 to a high standard in lessons, or are showing talent and an appropriate attitude and work ethic from trial.  Details of full Club membership will be provided on acceptance into a squad

Divers are put into specific training squads, and allocated specific training times.  Please make sure you know when your allocated time is, and do not turn up to other sessions unless this has been agreed with the coach.  Some of you will have more training time, some less, but everyone will have an appropriate training schedule for their competition level.  If there is any variation in training, this will be notified on TEAMAPP.

Summer Holidays

As many divers will be away over the summer, we may  not be running to our usual squad times.  Please check on TeamApp for the sessions that are running.  Your coach will be able to advise.  Some of our summer sessions will be used for talent spotting sessions or public “come and try” sessions.  Please check with your coach if you want to dive or assist in these sessions.


As a Club, we use the TeamApp to communicate with divers. Reminders are sent out for each event, and it would be appreciated if all divers could reply to confirm or decline their attendance as the app will be used as the club register.  If the coaches know who is going to turn up for the session, we can plan more effectively.  If we get no replies the coaches may not attend, or if we get too few, some events may be cancelled, so please check messages and reply promptly.  Occasionally there may be changes to regular training; details will be published on TeamApp, so please look at it regularly to avoid wasted journeys or missing out on different training opportunities.

We also e-mail members about important club matters, so please check your inbox regularly and let us know if you change your e-mail address.


Coaches will discuss with divers their main competition targets for the year, and will also consider them for entry into other competitions that are at a suitable level.  We use TeamApp to notify divers of the competitions they may attend, and require a response on TeamApp to confirm attendance or unavailability.   Entry fees must be paid before the closing date.


Janet and Anthony have quite a heavy load looking after all the administration, planning and coaching, and are very grateful to our members who currently help us.  We would welcome anyone else who would like to take on any role within the organisation.  Each role would entail only a little work each month. Current vacancies are:

Club Secretary;  Press officer;  Volunteer co-ordinator; Event poolside helpers

We will offer assistance to anyone who would like to help us, including access to resources and training where necessary.

We will also support divers who wish to remain in the sport, but not as a serious competitor, in becoming qualified to coach and/or officiate if that is a pathway they wish to travel.